Testimonials and Press


My favorite yoga of all time. A delicious, flowing, healing class led by the ever calm and graceful Danit.

Jennifer Bakker


I have been doing yoga off and on for the past 20 years. I can tell you from my experience that Danit is a very special teacher. Her knowledge and passion for yoga shines through in each class that teaches. I always feel great after her classes. I have learned so much from her. I can’t thank her enough. She’s simply the best.

Jamie Davitt


If you're looking for a reprieve from a hectic day, a means to relax yet energize, plus a way to take your practice to a deeper level, you can't do better than to take a yoga class with Danit Just don't take my spot!

Sandy Soule


I am not a person that does Yoga often. However, I find myself making the time for Danit's class when I want to treat myself to something special. Her classes are engaging, challenging, and soothing all at once. One of the best parts about her classes are her adjustments as they are gentle but somehow she always gets you deeper into the poses. I find myself hoping she will come to adjust me!

Wendy Gellert

Harrison, NY


"When you take a class with Danit, you walk in one person, and out another."


Danit has a special gift! She is so in touch with her students and creates an environment where you can relax and work at your own pace no matter the class. You feel transformed when you leave.

Kim Tamis


Danit brings light into your life…she has created a haven for the body and soul in the guise of a warm & friendly yoga studio! She leads a variety of types of yoga classes with years of expertise. Danit recognizes that students come with various strengths and weaknesses, she suggests ways to take a pose deeper or lighten it up. All levels of students enjoy her classes in an encouraging, stress free environment. Since becoming ‘a regular’ of Danit’s I have seen how the lessons of her yoga and meditation classes have benefited my life outside the studio.

Cynthia Sherwin

I’m addicted to Danit! She is an amazing instructor who is attentive, upbeat and committed to each student in her class. Her adjustments are incredible and the flow of her class is rhythmic yet unique. Flowing through the poses under her expertise, combined with her great music choices, make it enjoyable and challenging without ever feeling “over-challenged.” It’s as if she reads her students on any given day and delivers the perfect class everytime. After class I always feel both energized yet blissfully calm. Danit offers the
best of yoga!

Sue Ellen Nethercott

Greenwich, CT


Fresh Press:


As a student of yoga for more then a decade now, I've always been inherently drawn to the practice yet only found time off and on for it. Until I took class with Danit, she drew me much deeper into the practice with her knowledge of the body and her ever present spirituality. Taking Danit's class is always a rewarding experience. Walking into her class you always know you are about to experience everything you want in a yoga class, I always walk out feeling better then I did walking in. Truly one of the finest teachers I have ever taken a class with. A gem in our yoga community.

Vicki Steiner

Rye Brook, NY

There is no other way to describe it. Her loving spirit creates an atmosphere of healing and joy. You are practicing yoga, but you are also releasing what you came in with – your stress, your issues, your physical aches and pains all melt away with the poses. I have been taking Danit’s classes since she first started teaching and can honestly say you will not be disappointed. I am so grateful to have found her and I know you will be, too!

Marci Caplan

Rye, NY


Danit has created more than just a place to do yoga in her new studio. She has filled the space with her motivational energy and focused calm, attracting a community of people that want to feel better in both body and mind. As an equestrian showjumper, I need balance, core strength, and a calm mind over the adrenaline pumping through my body during competition. Danit has helped me improve all of these things through my physical asana practice and meditation. Experienced yogis as well as beginners will find a safe and supportive environment in which to practice at Yoga By Danit.

Ashley Collins

New Canaan, CT


I cannot adequately tell you how helpful and healing I have found your classes on many levels (not just physical). I find that much of the benefit of any class comes from each teacher’s individual approach, personality and teaching style - thank you for being you!

Sonya Sanders

Scarsdale, NY