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When Things Fall Apart

January 2012. I’m jogging on the beach in Herzliya. It is early morning. The day is clear, not hot, cold, just reasonably mild temperatures. Great weather to run. My pain and agony are beyond words. I need to keep my regular exercise routine to ensure I continue and do not collapse into thousands of pieces. I know she would do the same. I know she would tell me to do what I am going now.

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Saucha is the first element of the Niyamas, the personal practices one must observe as described in the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali.

 Saucha means purity, cleanliness - inside and outside.  

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About Perfectionism

Eventually, sooner rather than later, we will confront an experience we can’t control. Perfectionism is an aggressive approach to life, as we reject experiences, whenever they are not perfect or pleasant. To be fully alive and awake, we need to experience every moment, “perfect” or not.

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It is all our choice

You wake up one morning. You didn't plan it. You didn’t expect it but you awoke with a really nasty mood. You feel inadequate. You feel lonely. You are running negative storylines in your head. Somewhere in the back of your head you are aware that on a rational basis there is nothing to justify this mood. But this mood feels like goo stuck to your body, it just won’t loosen its grip.

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Kali EdwardsComment
“I’m so not flexible”

“I’m so not flexible.” It may be the most common refrain I hear as a yoga instructor. Whether it is a new student or simply somebody who happens to overhear that I am a yoga teacher, people seem to feel compelled to say that “I’m so not flexible” or  “I am horrible at yoga” or “I can’t touch my toes” or “I am really stiff, but really” or any one of dozens of similar permutations. 

My answer is always the same – “So what?” 

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